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Sunday, April 6, 2008


This place is kinda stagnant.
Anyway good luck to all campaigners tomorrow and remember every challenge is not just a test of our capability but also our ability to receive victory with humility and any defeat with grace. Not too sure what grace means, maybe the Lit ppl can help out with it. : )

Oh yea and come down for Piano Ensemble Concert (this is the main one) I forgot the date but dun worry ads are all over the school. The theme is : A series of unfortunate events for the Pianist. Exciting right? Plus u get to see a lot of cute girls/guys performing, if you want to see photos just contact me lol : ). So just tell me if u want to go. It's 6 dollars for free seating and venue will be somewhere exciting in school. So yea, if u still check this blog, u get advance notice. yea that's all work hard ppl for cca, muggin everything lar basically, bf/gf relations.

lol my first post!

Posted at 7:40 AM

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Important News For March Holidays

Learning Journey @ SAM happened on Thursday, March 6. Highlight and most learning-journeying part of the day: class photo outside SAM.
- School reopens on Monday, 17 March, with protected time. I feel really protected! :D

- Math: Holiday Function Revision Exercise
- Chemistry: Tutorial 2 (due Monday, 17 March, if I'm not wrong)
- Economics: None; no new notes when I last checked. Read The Economist for leisure.
- Literature: Read Othello.
- China Studies: Ask Ajay or Charlene.
- KI: Ask Bob, Weijian or Simjoo.
- Geography: Ask Nikhi.
- GP, PW & PE: Nothing. Read newspaper.

Other than that, I've added some more links to this site: for RJC Math, RJC Chem and I think the third one, chemystery is Miss Tang's own, stagnant and very up to date (August 2007) Chemistry blog.

For RJC Math, when Mr Kok said we could get more practice for the topic on Functions, I think he was referring to this. Its titled Term 1 Holiday Revision Assignment, for Functions. There're no specific instructions for compulsory completion so just complete it if you're really bored, your house doesn't subscribe to The Straits Times, The Economist and/or you've finished all your homework and have visited this blog 289 times in the 2 days.

Other than that, no more updates. Edit this post (ONLY THE HOMEWORK SECTION!) if you have any stuff to inform the class, which I've left out. On a very sexy side note, Raffles Basketball beat Innova JC 74-55 last Friday, and beat Millenia Institute 54-20 on Monday. Read this sentence if you love danny. Have a blessed week of sleep-ins!


<3 dannytcotw.

Posted at 7:51 AM

Monday, March 3, 2008

sorry all you jessica alba lovers.
she has to go.
you guys need to take new class picture soon!
so that steph and cass would be in it.
yup yup.

<3 khoonnie

Posted at 12:08 AM

Sunday, March 2, 2008



Posted at 9:36 PM

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Important News For T1W10:

- Monday's lessons according to Thursday's timetable, Tuesday's lessons according to Friday's Timetable
- Those who haven't handed up their JAE documents please give to the cutest Civics Tutor ever before school closes for the break

- Math Assignment 3 (all questions are due)
- Economics: Tutorial 2 - Case Studies 1 & 2
- Chemistry Tutorial 2 (questions to do: unknown; conclusion: just do)
- Economics Lecture Test (Chapter 1 & 2)
- No lessons :)
- Class Learning Journey (yah right): Leap Years (brace yourself, local production) @ Junction 8
- No lessons :)
- March holidays begin :)

Thats all. Let me know if there's anything I left out.

Support Raffles Basketball, 6.30pm @ ISH against Millenia Institute :) actually don't need support lah just go home and sleep, bye.

<3 danny

Posted at 5:45 AM

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Hello everyone, I decided to use blogger and make a new blog cause Xanga is not very user friendly (cause I cannot put up a tagboard haha). Yup so, anyway Jessica Alba loves you :) Anyway you all can use this blog to make formal and informal announcements and whine that the A levels are less than 625 days away. You can visit our classmates' blogs too! O.O That is really totally so awesome and cool! Yeah eh dudes if you all have blogs and I haven't linked you, you can do it by yourself or if blogger is difficult (like the Chemistry Lecture Test 1) to use then just give me your blog link and I'll link you. Okay byebye, Jessica Alba <3 you <3 me :)


Posted at 7:11 AM


has cute guys
and even cuter girls
<3 Austin



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