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Sunday, April 6, 2008


This place is kinda stagnant.
Anyway good luck to all campaigners tomorrow and remember every challenge is not just a test of our capability but also our ability to receive victory with humility and any defeat with grace. Not too sure what grace means, maybe the Lit ppl can help out with it. : )

Oh yea and come down for Piano Ensemble Concert (this is the main one) I forgot the date but dun worry ads are all over the school. The theme is : A series of unfortunate events for the Pianist. Exciting right? Plus u get to see a lot of cute girls/guys performing, if you want to see photos just contact me lol : ). So just tell me if u want to go. It's 6 dollars for free seating and venue will be somewhere exciting in school. So yea, if u still check this blog, u get advance notice. yea that's all work hard ppl for cca, muggin everything lar basically, bf/gf relations.

lol my first post!

Posted at 7:40 AM


has cute guys
and even cuter girls
<3 Austin



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